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At Lou Aggetta Insurance we are continuously working to ensure that you have the individual coverage you require. When it comes to protecting your auto, home, business and family, don't leave it up to chance. We take pride in our agency and strive to provide you with the total insurance solution for all your needs.

We offer a broad range of insurance products including, but not limited to...

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Pool Safety Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Homeowners Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Your Guide To Protecting People Around Your Pool Area If your home has a pool, it has likely served as the center for some of your favorite memories. A family day by the pool, a poolside cocktail party, a day alone lounging and relaxing- a pool creates the opportunity for you to truly enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, a pool is also a huge safety hazard. If you have not thought about the possibility of someone becoming injured in your pool area, you need to start addressing that chance now. If … [Read more...]

Being Safe On Your Bicycle

Bike Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Practicing Safety When Pedaling Riding your bicycle as a means of transportation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and boost your overall health. Just because you are making the healthy choice for your body and the earth by pedaling around town does not mean you get a free pass to ignore basic traffic laws, though. Unfortunately, many bike accidents occur because the bicyclist did not follow posted signage, forcing nearby cars or pedestrians to make hasty maneuvers. To keep … [Read more...]

The High Cost Of Drinking & Driving For Teens

Teenagers Driving Under Influence

Understanding Just How Much A DUI Could Cost Your Young Driver Even young drivers who are straight A students will cost more to insure behind the wheel than people with more driving experience. Consequently, it is important that drivers who are still in their teens understand how risky insurance providers think they are, and do all they can to negate that risk in order to keep their premiums low. If you are a parent of a young driver who is not getting good grades, you might want to … [Read more...]

Safeguarding Your Storage

Storage Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Are Your Belongings In Storage Covered? Whether you have paid to rent out a storage unit or are keeping some of your belongings at a friend or family member’s home, there is a chance your homeowners insurance will not protect your property. If your belongings are stored away from your own home for more than thirty days, odds are high they will no longer be covered by your homeowners insurance. To understand whether or not items stored off-site are covered under your homeowners insurance, … [Read more...]

Covering Your Condo

Condo Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Do You Have The Right Level Of Coverage? As a condo owner, you have the luxury of not needing as much insurance coverage as a homeowner does. Due to the fact that your HOA has insurance that protects the exterior of your building and common areas, you do not need to worry about damages that befall those parts of your building and grounds. You do, however, need coverage for your personal property, and to protect you from liability. In fact, if you have any co-ownership of property—such as … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Auto Insurance

Stolen Items Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

What Does Your Policy Cover? You know that you are carrying at least the legally mandated amount of auto insurance, but do you know much more about your policy than that? Have you wondered for what, exactly, your current policy includes coverage? Say, for example, that your car is broken into and your cell phone is stolen. Do you have the protection in place to secure a reimbursement? In the event something is stolen from your car, your ability to get it covered will be contingent upon 1. … [Read more...]

Identifying Your Need For Identity Protection Insurance

Identity Protection Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

What Would You Do If Someone Stole Your Identity? We live in an increasingly technologically advanced world, and these advances have brought a number of benefits to our lives. From advances in medicine to global interconnectedness to increased dissemination of information, technology is revolutionizing the way we live. It also has some unfortunate side effects, however. Gone are the days when, in order to steal your identity, people needed to physically take your wallet. In today’s age, … [Read more...]

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