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At Lou Aggetta Insurance we are continuously working to ensure that you have the individual coverage you require. When it comes to protecting your auto, home, business and family, don't leave it up to chance. We take pride in our agency and strive to provide you with the total insurance solution for all your needs.

We offer a broad range of insurance products including, but not limited to...

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  • Bonds
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

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Safety First Mentality On The California Winter Roads

Car Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Distraction-Free Driving  Although our winters are not too harsh, we still experience a significant shift when the weather takes a turn. As you chaotically rush to complete all your daily errands without allowing the weather conditions to impact your drive and commute, it becomes increasingly more important that you keep these important tips in mind: When the weather is poor, is seems that distractions on the road are at an ultimate high. As you try to swiftly navigate the wet and … [Read more...]

Ensuring Security In Your Golden Years

Long Term Care Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Long-Term Care Insurance & Moving Life Insurance In today’s ever changing society, it is important that we think about our future needs. No longer do children remain living in their parents’ homes or vise versa to take care of them once they age. Additionally, our evolving society has changed our life span expectancy, with many individuals living past 80 years old. To ensure that you are able to receive the care you deserve in your golden years, it is important that you have the right … [Read more...]

Sewer and Drain Backup Insurance for Businesses

flooding office interior.

Optimizing Coverage For Your Biggest Investment Business owners of companies of all shapes and sizes have share the same priority – protecting their business to the fullest while maximizing profits and minimizing losses. In doing so, you have obtained commercial insurance policies intended to optimize protection of your biggest investment. Unfortunately, many new and small businesses owners will forgo certain policies simply to avoid the extra expense that can actually provide their companies … [Read more...]

2015 Annual Insurance Review

New year 2015 decoration

Starting 2015 On A Fresh, Covered Foot Chances are you have not updated your insurance policies since the day you signed the paperwork and started receiving coverage. Unfortunately, this is why so many individuals discover that they are lacking coverage when they need it most. To ensure that you can start 2015 with confidence in your security, schedule your annual insurance review today! Gathered are just a few life events that call for an insurance review: If you have received any gifts … [Read more...]

Keep Your Business And Your Employees Protected

Keep Your Business And Your Employees Protected

Business Safety Tips Owning a business comes with tons of responsibility! Having business insurance can be a great way to protect it! However, there are also some simple ways you can limit your risks in all sorts of situations that could arise. Protect yourself by keeping these tips for protecting your business and your employees in mind. Stay on top of maintenance: If you have things that need fixing, like chipped tiles, fraying carpets or other things that could cause injuries, take … [Read more...]

Tips To Keep Your Holiday Celebrations Safe

Tips To Keep Your Holiday Celebrations Safe

Stay Safe This Holiday Season As the holidays arrive, we anxiously await for our friends and family to surround us! When celebrating the holidays with your loved ones, safety should be a big concern. You do not want an accident to ruin your holiday fun. If you are hosting the annual holiday party, there are a few ways that you can ensure safety for you and your guests. Keep these simple safety tips in mind to stay safe this holiday season! If you are planning your holiday party, some … [Read more...]

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips The holiday season may mean you have a lot of extra things, like holiday lights or space heaters, which require electricity. These added items can cause electrical problems if you do not use them safely. Here are some electrical safety tips to help you manage your electric items safely during the holidays. Only use one power strip per outlet for your electric items. Using more than one power strip in one area can cause the circuit to short out because there is too … [Read more...]

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