3 of the Most Popular Auto Insurance Myths

How many auto insurance myths are floating around on the roadways of America? While there’s no way to give an exact number, we’ve highlighted a few of the most popular ones.

Auto Insurance Myths

Auto Insurance Myth #1: When others drive your car, their own personal auto insurance will always cover any accidents or mishaps happening in your vehicle.

Auto insurance doesn’t follow you around in the same way that health insurance does. It only applies to your car, in most states. But, it does apply to whatever happens to the car that belongs to you: the owner. Check for differences in state law, regarding driver-policy specifics.

Auto Insurance Myth #2: The Insurance of any coverage level will, indefinately, cover damage done to your car, due to acts of nature.

Acts of nature are only covered with comprehensive and collision coverage. Liability-only insurance, usually, will not cover the damage of a fallen limb or hail storm.

Auto Insurance Myth #3: Cars of a certain color will always boost your insurance premiums.

An underwriter of an auto insurance policy will factor in a few pieces of personal information about you and information provided by the manufacturer of your car. The manufacturer’s information does not include the color of your car.

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