4 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Renters Insurance

When calamity strikes, having or not having renters insurance can make a major difference. It’s not hard to find a proper renters insurance policy. You can get one by telling your insurer that you’re moving into an apartment in the next few weeks, and they will assist you.

If you’re in college, you probably live with your friends and have a few thousand dollars worth of belongings. The stories are all too familiar: someone leaves the door open, and a laptop vanishes in seconds, or an Xbox gets stolen at a party. You may suffer a significant loss if your stuff gets lost or destroyed.

Here are 4 most common mistakes people make while purchasing renters insurance:

  1. Not Getting  Adequate Coverage

    The first thing you should do is get a policy that will cover everything in your apartment, including the stuff inside of it. If you have expensive electronics or jewelry, make sure to ask about coverage for these items as well.

  2. Buying Renters and Auto Insurance from Different Insurance Companies

    The idea is that bundled coverage will usually help you get better/ lower premium rates. If you already have an auto insurance coverage, it’s better to get your renters insurance from the same provider, as bundling different policies together may qualify you for lower premium rates

  3. Skipping It All Together

    We understand how tedious it may be to shop for something that won’t produce immediate effects, which is why many renters skip insurance altogether.

    Unfortunately, you will face a major loss if your house gets robbed, especially if stuff like your uninsured MacBook, jewelry, and other valuables are stolen. It is better to be safe than sorry and have renters’ insurance to compensate for your stolen items.

  4. Not Comparing Prices

    Your monthly renters insurance premium may not be high, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around for quotes. Compare rates from multiple providers with online tools and see the results on a single page. If you have a favorite carrier, who quotes you higher, using their competitor’s quote may allow you to negotiate a better deal.

    Make sure you’re asking for the same coverage levels. That might rapidly knock the wind out of your negotiating sails.

Connecting the Dots

Safeguard your finances and belongings with good quality and affordable renters insurance. Contact our team of Insurance experts at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill to get started on your tailored policy.