50 Ways to Be More Productive Within the Next 48 Hours.

“There’s always one more thing you can do to increase your odds of success.” That dictum, stated by General Hal Moore, Famed commander of one of the most hard-fought, and won, battles in the Vietnam War gives motivation to those refuse to give up on improving as people.

A practical tips to bettering yourself and being better for those around you follow:

Tip 1: Note the health habits of a more fit person and pick one for yourself.

Tip 2: Drive Defensively

Tip 3: Set up an aggressive savings plan.

Tip 4: Educate yourself on the Affordable Care Act.

Tip 5; Try gratitude.

Tip 6: Drudge up those old dreams.

Tip 7: Let worry go.

Tip 8: Think of something you appreciate about your spouse. And, tell him or her.

Tip 9: Fulfill one of those promises you made to your children.

Tip 10: Come out of the dark room.

Tip 11: Aim to be a peacemaker in a current conflict between friends

Tip 12: Get out into the Sun.

Tip 13: Power down your cell phone for a day.

Tip 14: Organize your work.

Tip 15: Plan your next strategy.

Tip 16: Get rid of your television.

Tip 17: Make a five year plan.

Tip 18: Rehearse your goals to your friends.

Tip 19: Give to someone else.

Tip 20: Find people of like interest and connect with them.

Tip 21: Clean clutter.

Tip 22: Clear your junk mail folder.

Tip 23: Plan next week’s recipes, in advance.

Tip 24: Read an online article about how to be more productive.

Tip 25: Clean your car.

Tip 26: Find an online charity.

Tip 27: Give blood.

Tip 28: Network. Make a list of five people that you haven’t been in touch with.

Tip 29: Update your resume.

Tip 30: Look up free information sessions in your library

Tip 31: Learn to cook a new meal.

Tip 32: Learn a skill that your manager has need of.

Tip 33: look up associations related to your employment.

Tip 34: Read inspiring quotes.

Tip 35: Research top performers in your field.

Tip 36: Contact all of the people with whom you have interviewed prior to three months ago, and ask again.

Tip 37: Save money by clipping coupons.

Tip 38: Wash blouses and shirts with the top button buttoned, so that you can put your shirt on a hanger immediately.

Tip 39: Plan your grocery shopping.

Tip 40: Take a break, if you have been working hard.

Tip 41: Take a power nap.

Tip 42: Put together a workplace birthday club.

Tip 43: Write a thank you note to a co-worker for helping you.

Tip 44: Clean desk clutter.

Tip 45: Ask a co-worker how you can help them.

Tip 46: Come up with your own 50 ways to be more productive.

Tip 47: Ask for a mentor.

Tip 48: Be a mentor.

Tip 49: Plan a team outing.

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