What Are The Advantages of Permanent Life Insurance?

Understand why it’s a good idea to take out permanent life insurance.  

Most of us understand that we need life insurance coverage of some form. While many take out term life insurance, which is temporary life coverage, whole life (or permanent) insurance coverage is overlooked. Permanent life insurance is not an insurance product that can be taken lightly, although it can be highly beneficial for many of us. Here are just a few of the advantages of permanent life insurance.

It remains active regardless of age. One of the main benefits of life insurance coverage is that it follows you throughout your entire life. Term life insurance expires at a certain age, but permanent coverage remains in force for life.

You can grow an investment within the policy. Two kinds of permanent policies – universal life and whole life – come with an investment component. For every single dollar you pay in annual premiums, you have the option to contribute three to four dollars into the investment fund attached to your policy. These funds can be paid out tax-free and can be hugely beneficial if your family need access to cash.

Premiums stay level. Whole life policies typically come with consistent premiums for the life of the policy, which means that premiums never rise and as the policyholder you always pay the same amount.

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