Animal Infestations Cause Insurance Surprises for Home Owners

Animal Infestations Cause Insurance Surprises for Home Owners- Lou Aggetta InsuranceWhen pests invade a home, most homeowner’s take charge of the exterminating process themselves. However, when the pests aren’t accessible, such as termites, or when they multiply rapidly, like bed bugs, professional help is often needed. However, many home owners are shocked to learn that the cost of removing the pests and repairing the damage they cause is not covered by their homeowners insurance policy.

Detrimental Damage

That scratching sound in the attic may drive you crazy, but it is really the least of your worries. Animals and insects can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. Rats and squirrels frequently chew through wiring, causing costly electrical repairs. Termites literally eat away at the wood framing that supports your home, which means you’ll have to rebuild it from the inside out. Other pests, such as bed bugs, can infest household items to the extent that they have to be incinerated to kill the adults and their eggs.

Early Detection Prevents Costly Repairs

To prevent excessive infestation or structural damage to a home, homeowners should perform periodic inspections to identify early signs of pests. Aim for at least twice per year, and set aside 30 minutes to do the job right. Walk around the interior and exterior of the home looking for holes, bent vents and flashing or other areas that indicate animal entry points. Don’t forget to look in the attic and the basement, both of which are prime locations for unwanted guests.

If you detect usual signs, or don’t feel conformable performing an inspection, call a professional pest control company. Most of these companies offer yearly plans that include regular inspections to catch problems early.

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