Are Engine Repairs Covered by Car Insurance?

We buy a car insurance policy because we want to protect ourselves financially in case of an accident, but what happens when the insurance doesn’t cover a necessary repair? A car insurance policy helps you cover the cost of repairs if your car has suffered damage due to a collision, vandalism, theft, or fire. However, it may not cover mechanical breakdowns or routine wear and tear.

Engine repairs are only covered under the car insurance policy if damage results from an accident. Read on to learn more about when a car insurance policy covers engine repairs and how to file a claim.

When Are Engine Repairs Covered by a Car Insurance Policy?

Usually, car insurance won’t cover the repair and replacement cost for mechanical failure or engine malfunction resulting from wear and tear. However, the following coverages may cover the damage to an extent:

  1. Damage caused to the engine by an accident or an out-of-control incident, like a wall or building collapsing on your car, is generally covered by collision and comprehensive coverage.
  2. Underinsured/uninsured motorist property damage provides coverage for engine repairs if someone with little to no insurance hits you.
  3. Mechanical failures are covered by mechanical breakdown insurance, which you can get for a good value from your insurance agent. These policies are also offered at the time of purchase from the dealership at a higher cost.
  4. If you recently bought a vehicle or have an extended warranty, your manufacturer may cover the cost of repairs in the case of engine failure or another mechanical breakdown.

Is There Any Such Thing as Full Car Insurance Coverage?

There is no such thing as a full coverage car insurance policy that can account for everything that could happen to your vehicle. Car insurance companies have their own rules, which they use to determine whether or not your claim is covered under the policy.

In colloquial terms, full car insurance coverage may mean a policy that has comprehensive and collision coverage along with the liability coverage required by the state.

How Do I File an Insurance Claim to Repair My Engine?

In case your car has suffered damage from a threat covered under your policy or an accident that caused damage to your engine, immediately file a claim by contacting your insurer. They will take you through the various steps to make a claim.

If you have collision coverage, the repair will be covered. If you don’t have collision coverage on your vehicle, you cannot file a claim for engine repairs.

Someone from the insurance company will visit you to verify the damage. You will be asked to provide documentation indicating the engine damage resulting from the accident.

Unfortunately, in most cases, a car insurance policy doesn’t cover engine failure. However, still, getting reimbursements for mechanical problems or engine failures won’t be that difficult if you have collision and comprehensive coverages and the damage is caused by a covered peril. Therefore, have the necessary coverages to drive with peace of mind while staying covered.

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