Auto Insurance

Is a Rental Car Insurance Actually Worth It?

In many cases, your personal auto policy may overlap with rental car insurance, and you may not need to get a separate insurance when renting a vehicle. If you have a personal car insurance policy, you can use it to cover the rental car as long as the trip is part of your personal travel. Read More

Home Insurance

What You Need to Know While Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Homeowners insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects homeowners from damages due to fires, burglary, natural disasters, and many other unfortunate circumstances. You can file a homeowners insurance claim if a covered incident results in damages to your home and its contents. Your claim will be reviewed and will either be approved or Read More

Commercial Insurance

A Look at the Increasing Costs of Commercial Insurance Policies

Businesses rely on commercial insurance to protect them in any situation. However, many small businesses are concerned about the recent spike involving the cost of commercial insurance. If the price continues to rise, several businesses may not be able to afford coverage. A thorough analysis of the insurance industry in 2020 shows that the price Read More

Auto Insurance

How to Find Auto Insurance When You Don’t Have a License

Trying to find the right auto insurance policy is often a difficult and complex process. Things become even more difficult when you are searching for coverage without having a driver’s license. Here is an overview of how to find auto insurance even if you don’t have your driver’s license. Even if you don’t have your Read More

Health Insurance

Instances When Your Health Insurance Benefits Are Taxable

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires virtually all American citizens to pay taxes on their taxable incomes. According to the Legal Information Institute, the consequences of failure to file taxes range from fines and other financial penalties, to jail term for tax evasion. Some of the individuals that may be exempt from paying income Read More