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Renters Insurance: Don’t Stay Home Without It

It’s tempting to believe that because you don’t own the dwellling, you’re not responsible for providing renters insurance. You may get away with not having it, but why would you want to? The importance of renters insurance becomes obvious when you most need it. While you won’t be responsible for rebuilding your rental property after Read More

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Business Owners: Why you Need to Know About the Impact of Slander and Libel

As a business owner you have a thousand things to consider each day. At the bottom of that list may the negative impact your business can experience due to slander and libel. Think about it: you have one unhappy customer who demands a refund. She takes to social media to tell all of her friends Read More

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The Different Types of Business Coverage

Business insurance is an important part of protecting the company in case damage to property occurs or other problems happen. Any company looking for insurance needs to understand the types of business coverage before making any decision. Liability Coverage Liability coverage is designed to protect the company when accidents or negligence occurs as a result Read More

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The Benefits of Working with an Independent Agency vs. Captive

We’ve all seen the commercials for a cellphone company that has an adult man sitting around a smallish table surrounded by kids. The question posed to the kids in one ad is “Is more better?” Even the kids know that more is better. The same can be said for your independent insurance agency. The more Read More

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Here’s Why State Liability on your Auto Will End Up Costing You More

If you’re like most people, chances are you want to get the best value possible out of your purchases — especially things you have to have by law, such as auto insurance. But what some people don’t realize is that the "best value" and the "lowest price" are not the same thing. In fact, in Read More