Why Your Auto Insurer Needs to Know These Things

Sensitive information your auto insurer needs to know.  

Shopping for insurance can be overwhelming for all of us. However, when it comes to putting in our details for an accurate quote, we can get asked to provide some sensitive information. If you’re wondering if this is right – and even why auto insurers need this information – here’s what you should know and what information you should have on hand.

Your SSN

While you’re not required to disclose your Social Security Number (SSN) just to get a car insurance quote, if you don’t, your quote may not be as accurate. Your credit influences your car insurance rate, and insurers will want to take a look at your credit through your SSN before they give you a ballpark figure.

Your Vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN)

Even if you’ve already entered your car’s year, make, and model, a VIN is an industry set, unique identification number, that identifies the vehicle on the policy. The VIN can tell the insurer if there are any additional safety features such as side airbags or daytime running lights.

Your Insurance History

One of the best ways to stay safe and keep your rates down at the same time is by maintaining consistent car insurance. Even a gap in coverage of just a couple of days can impact the rates you qualify for once you secure auto insurance again.

Your Annual Mileage

Before asking for a quote, do a quick calculation of your annual mileage. Naturally, the more you drive, the more at-risk you are for getting into a crash or having to file another type of claim. If you put a lot of miles in, you are more likely to pay higher premiums than someone whose car barely leaves the driveway.

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