Avoid Auto Insurance Scams Through Awareness

accident stressCar accidents happen when drivers make mistakes that result in collisions with other vehicles on the road.  Scams are deliberate attempts to collide with unsuspecting motorists who appear to have insurance coverage.  Causing an accident is considered fraud when claims are made to receive payment from insurance companies.  Scammers have intricate plans to initiate litigation and acquire every type of compensation available.  Policyholders must be on the alert for these 5 common scams.  Adjusters and insurance company representatives must be made aware if the driver suspects foul play in any accident.

Forced Rear-ending

Other names for this common activity are “crash for cash” and “swoop and squat.”  In busy traffic, the scammer will come to a sudden stop to cause the driver immediately behind the car to run into the back of the scammer’s car.  Various techniques are used to create a hazardous situation where collision cannot be avoided.  Neck or back pain is reported to increase the amount of money that can be awarded for injuries through litigation.  Drivers are wise to allow sufficient room in front of the vehicle at all times.

Bad Samaritan

Following an accident, a third party establishes contact with the driver and recommends a particular clinic, attorney or mechanic.  Claims will be made against the insurance policy, but these fraudsters will never complete the promised work. 

Fake Injury Claim

Drivers can be alert to this scam following an accident when the other people involved act perfectly normal until the authorities arrive on the scene.  Dramatic changes in the physical condition of any victim should be reported to the insurance company.

Phantom Victim

People who were not even in the vehicle will make a claim for physical injury against the policyholder’s policy.  Names of all passengers in the vehicles involved in the accident should be gathered immediately to prevent this scam.

Staged Accident

The scammer will appear to “allow” the policyholder to take the right-of-way in traffic.  The “friendly stranger” then rams into the side of the vehicle and claims he never provided permission.


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