Prevent Distracted Driving with These Tips

Keep your eyes and mind on the road ahead to stay focused.

While many know that distracted driving is pretty risky, people continue to allow distractions to alter their focus. In 2013 alone, 3,154 people were killed as a result of distracted driving, while an additional 424,000 were injured. Since the rise of technology being readily available for use, the death toll has steadily climbed.

Preventing distracted driving is part of staying safe on the road. You need to be aware of what’s happening around you so that you can react quickly when needed. Make your journey a little safer with these tips:

  • Turn off your phone – A text or phone call can wait. Put your phone out of reach and switch it off before you start your journey. Set up an automatic response for when someone calls or texts you, letting them know that you’re driving.
  • Organize before setting off – Know where your important stuff is before driving off. Set up your GPS before you shift into Drive, and avoid drinking or eating while driving. The better organized you are beforehand, the less you’ll have to search around and take your eyes off the road!
  • Be mindful – Some motorists have tunnel vision, only watching what’s going on in front of them. Hazards can be present everywhere, so make sure that you’re paying attention to the whole road.
  • Use voice commands and Bluetooth sparingly – They’re great technologies, but hands-free texting and talking are still pretty distracting. Your hands may be at the wheel, but it takes your mind and attention off the road. Only use these devices when necessary.
  • Take a break – Being at the wheel while tired is a recipe for disaster. Your response times slow down as a result of the drowsiness so your chances of crashing increase four times. Make sure to stop at the next service station, take a quick cat nap, or grab a coffee so that you’re ready to face the next stage of the journey.
  • Reduce Interactions with Passengers – Parents will always need to talk with children, but stop the car before you turn around and talk to your children or carry on a discussion in the rear view mirror.  The same is true for talking to other passengers also.

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