What You Didn’t Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

The truth about long-term care insurance.   When you think of long-term care insurance, you may not think that the coverage applies to you. However, there are many misconceptions about long-term care insurance that prevent people from getting coverage, when in fact they could benefit from a policy. Take a look at these facts about long-term care insurance that you didn’t know.   You decide where to receive care A common myth about long-term care coverage is that it only … [Read more...]

How Long Can Kids Stay on Their Parents Auto Insurance Policy?

When to take your child off your car insurance policy.   For many teenagers, the cost of buying car insurance on their own may be more than their summer jobs can handle. That’s why many parents add them to the family insurance, where the expense is much less than if a teenager bought his or her own coverage. However, at some point, your children should be taken off your policy and work on getting their own coverage. But when is the right time?   Living arrangements Before … [Read more...]

Homeowners Insurance and Your Home-Based Business

Protecting your business and hard work.   Do you work from home? Perhaps you’re starting up your own side hustle? If so, you should be aware that your homeowners insurance policy may not cover several aspects of your home-based business. In order to safeguard your hard work, you may need to take out additional coverage.   What homeowners insurance won’t cover It’s a good idea to review your homeowners insurance to see exactly what it does and does not cover. If you run a … [Read more...]

What to Know About Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Life Insurance

How depression and anxiety can impact your life insurance.   It’s not always easy to talk about mental illness in our society. Conditions like depression and anxiety are stigmatized and not very well understood. When you suffer from depression or anxiety, it’s all too tempting to avoid getting life insurance coverage. However, your family may depend on you, and life insurance can help them when you’re no longer around. Like any other health condition, depression and anxiety are looked at … [Read more...]

How to Theft-Proof Your Car

Safeguard your vehicle against opportunist thieves.   You rely on your car every day, whether it’s to commute to work or drop the kids off at school. Being without our car is a hassle in many ways, which means it’s important to prevent theft as best you can. Fortunately, there are some sure-fire ways you can make your vehicle seem less appealing to car thieves. Anything you can do to slow down a thief will make him or her think twice about stealing.   Prevent car theft: … [Read more...]

What If You Lie About Where You Live to Your Car Insurance Company?

When does a little white lie turn into insurance fraud?   You are legally required to carry auto insurance in California. You may think that it’s a big expense for something you may or may not need one day. You may even be tempted to alter your auto insurance application so that you can save a few dollars every month on the premium. Even if it’s what you think is a small fib, giving false information to insurers can result in serious consequences.   Why might you lie to your car … [Read more...]

If I Have Health Insurance, Do I Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Do you need uninsured motorist coverage?   Car insurance is something that every motorist needs. While there are a number of different coverages, some are truly optional. One of these confusing coverages is uninsured motorist insurance or UM. Some motorists may wonder if purchasing uninsured motorist coverage is necessary if they already have a health insurance policy in place. To help you decide, here is what you should know.   What is uninsured motorist coverage? Even if you … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation Issues for Small Businesses

Overcome workers’ compensation issues.   Small business owners play a significant role in communities across the nation. They have been known to add value to their communities, providing the goods and services that locals need. Business owners know that there are many challenges to face when it comes to operating a small company – one of them being workers’ compensation. It’s an insurance policy that is required by law when you have employees. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the … [Read more...]

A Quick Guide to Tire Safety

Top tips for tire safety.   To get the most out of your tires – maximum mileage, safety, and wear – you’ll need to properly maintain them. Your tires are what separates your vehicle from the road, and they’re incredibly important to stay safe on the roads at all times. Fortunately, tire maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.   Choose your tires carefully. Too many motorists buy tires based on their price, when it should be about the correct size recommendation … [Read more...]

Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Filing a Claim

Avoid making these common business insurance mistakes.   After an incident or disaster, it’s important for businesses to file claims correctly. When business owners fail to file a claim, they risk not getting the full reimbursement or no payment at all. To avoid these troubles, it’s worth knowing what common mistakes business owners make and how to avoid these costly errors when filing a claim.   No. 1: Waiting to make a claim You may be tempted to see if you can get by without … [Read more...]

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