What to do When an Employee is Injured at Work

Here's how to address an employee injury.   Employees have responsibilities when one of their staff members is injured in an accident at work. Regardless of the accident specifics or severity of injury, all employers should understand what to do if the worst happens and a staff member has an accident in the workplace. Here are some key steps to handle the situation. Seek medical assistance. Getting immediate medical help is always the first and most important step to ensuring your employee’s … [Read more...]

Top Causes of Electrical Fires in Homes

Prevent electrical fires in your home with these tips. Fires are one of the worst offenders for home destruction. Within seconds, a fire can tear through a property, destroying everything in its path. Naturally, as a homeowner, you do everything you can to prevent fires. Keeping your electrics in good shape should be part of your safety plan. To prevent one from breaking out in your home, check out some of the common causes of electrical fires. Overloading Sockets Popular around the … [Read more...]

Steps to Take When Selling Your Car

Safely sell your vehicle with these tips.   You’ve decided to sell your vehicle. Whether it’s too old or not efficiently meeting your needs anymore, selling privately can help you to move your car on quickly and easily – and for the most money. When dealing with such a large transaction, check out how to sell your car safely. Avoid scammers. Deal with serious buyers online. Whether you list your car online or in a classified ad, be wary of scammers. We suggest that you insist on speaking … [Read more...]

Does Your College Student Need Insurance?

Essential types of insurance for college students.   Parents: You’ve probably already stocked up on textbooks, electronics, and dorm room furniture for your college kid. However, you may be missing one important element that your college kid will need: insurance. You may be concerned for your child going off to college, and that is completely natural. One way to ensure that they remain safe and their possessions are protected is to secure insurance policies. Renters Insurance If your … [Read more...]

What Airbnb Hosts Need to Know About Insurance

What you should know about opening up a home away from home. The business of Airbnb has kicked off in recent years, with couples, families, work groups, celebrities, and more enjoying the delights of a home away from home. Renting out a space on Airbnb is a great way for homeowners and renters to make some extra money without doing too much. However, it does come with a certain degree of risk. Since Airbnb is still relatively new, the risks dive into uncharted territory, causing homeowners … [Read more...]

The Cost of Skipping Out on Life Insurance

Opted to go without life insurance? It could end up costing you. Life insurance is an insurance policy that almost everyone needs, but many people forget about. If you’re married or have children, securing life insurance is a must. Many people go without coverage because of the misconception that it costs too much every month. The reality is that not having life insurance can potentially come with a much higher price tag. Short-Term Impact Life insurance is designed to be a financial … [Read more...]

What is Car Insurance Misrepresentation?

Making mistakes on your auto insurance could hurt you. When you apply for car insurance, the insurer will ask you a variety of questions about yourself, lifestyle, and vehicle. This information is expected to be provided truthfully and as accurately as possible. “Car insurance misrepresentation” is something that can occur during the application process. It is when someone falsely reports important information, intentionally or unintentionally. Consumers usually do this to get a cheaper rate, … [Read more...]

What to Do When an Uninsured Motorist Hits You

What happens when you get hit by an uninsured driver? By law, motorists in California are required to carry auto insurance. Unfortunately, too many people allow their coverage to lapse or simply never purchase it. While you might be carrying plenty of auto insurance coverage, you can’t guarantee that other motorists are. If an uninsured driver hits you, be sure you know what to do. Gather Information Whether the other driver is insured or not, if you’re involved in a car accident, you … [Read more...]

Do Online Businesses Need Insurance?

Protecting your online investment. Many start-ups and entrepreneurs are unsure about whether they need insurance for their small endeavor, and if they do, what sort. It’s a good question that comes up time and time again. No business is exempt from risk – no matter how new or small it may be. Whether your online business sells goods or offers online services, you still need to have at least a minimal amount of commercial insurance for protection from unforeseen circumstances and … [Read more...]

Is Life Insurance Worth It When You’re Over 50?

Getting life insurance coverage when you’re over 50. There are so many things to look forward to in your 50s. From checking things off your bucket list with your spouse to enjoying the fruits of your labor from the first half of your life, you may be preoccupied with your daily activities. Overall, it’s a time to bask in the financial security you’ve been working to create over the years and ensuring you’re on the right path for retirement. But where does life insurance fit in? Do you need it … [Read more...]

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