The Most Important Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

          Prepare your property for listing.   Most homeowners will agree that getting the home ready to sell is overwhelming. Not only do you need to clear the clutter, but there is endless amounts of organizing, cleaning, packing, and paperwork to handle. But before you list your property, there are a few important repairs to do around the home. Simple repairs here and there can help your home appear more appealing to buyers – helping you to get more … [Read more...]

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Kids and Guests

          Avoid spooks this season with the help of these Halloween safety tips.   Halloween is almost here, and that means preparing costumes and getting the candy ready for the kids. However, as you get caught up in all the excitement, don’t forget to think about safety. From ensuring that your kids are safe to protecting your property, there are lots of safety concerns around Halloween. Trick-or-treating safety: Choose a costume that can be … [Read more...]

Board of Directors Membership and Personal Liability: Am I At Risk?

Are board members vulnerable to personal liability? Members of boards of directors, even of nonprofits, often make important strategic and financial decisions for the organizations they manage. These decisions could result in a liability, with a single, unfortunate incident jeopardizing an individual’s livelihood or even career. With such a high potential risk for personal liability, it’s important that board members protect their personal assets and careers if charges are ever brought … [Read more...]

Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth It?

Long term care insurance: The facts. There’s no doubt about it: Americans are living longer. As the population gets older, healthcare costs are growing as demand for medical care increases. Even if you believe you’re invincible, there may come a point in your life when you need ongoing medical attention. If you have a disability or an extended illness, then nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in-home care may become necessary expenses. Generally, they are not covered by health … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy

Purchasing a property? Consider the help from a real estate agent.   If you’re thinking of buying a new property, you may wonder whether you need to enlist the help of a real estate agent. After all, there are plenty of resources for a buyer online and in guides these days. However, an agent has something a buyer doesn’t have – experience. They are trained to handle real estate transactions, not to mention finding the right property. If your time and resources are limited, it is well worth … [Read more...]

Why People Put Off Buying Life Insurance (and Why They Shouldn’t!)

Common reasons people don’t buy life coverage. It’s not uncommon for families to put off buying life insurance. The excuses that come up are usually the same. Purchasing life insurance may not seem like a priority but accidents can happen when you least expect them. When you put off buying life insurance, your family members are the ones who are at risk. Take a look at the most common reasons people put off buying life insurance and why they shouldn’t. “I’m healthy, I’m not going to die … [Read more...]

What is ALE and How Does It Help?

The basics of additional living expenses.  When a fire or other covered peril rips through your property, whether it’s a fire or a natural disaster, your home may become unfit to live in. Fortunately, all is not lost. Your homeowners insurance policy will provide Additional Living Expenses (ALE) coverage that becomes a lifeline for homeowners who are forced out of their homes due to fire, natural disasters, floods, and more. ALE, sometimes called “loss of use” coverage is reimbursement for … [Read more...]

Does the Local Crime Rate Impact My Auto Insurance?

How crime rate can impact the price you pay for car insurance.   Insurance companies have a number of factors to consider when determining your home insurance rate. Much of your monthly premiums will come down to your personal history, vehicle make and model. What many motorists forget is that their ZIP code is taken into account when insurers are determining premiums. The location of your car (at least, where it is parked overnight) will play a large role in calculating costs. If you live … [Read more...]

Smart Home Devices for a Happy and Healthy Pet

Creative home devices that help you to keep an eye on your pets.  If you have a four-legged furry friend at home, then it’s likely that you’ve experienced some guilt leaving them for work or vacation. Pets are a big part of the family, and not being able to check up on them throughout the day can be a problem. Take a look at these smart home devices that will make a large difference in your pets life from afar. Pet-specific cameras An evolution in camera technology has resulted in a new … [Read more...]

How to Balance Life and Tech

Find tech-life balance with the help of these tips.  Most of us are glued to our smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and computers for the majority of the day. In a world where we’re more connected than ever before, it is often necessary to disconnect to recharge our own batteries. Technology has a way of allowing us to stay connected with everyone and make day-to-day life easy, but it can also lead us to miss out on being in the present for moments that matter. To improve your tech-life … [Read more...]

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