Important Safety Tips For Boating Season

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Boating Safety 101

As you anxiously await the first boating trip of the season, it is important that you prepare for your next trip with a safety first mentality. Many individuals fail to realize the dangers associated with water fun, which leaves them extremely vulnerable. We want you to enjoy boating season without any bumps along the way, which is why we have gathered a list of essential safe boating tips.

Safe Boating Tips To Ensure Safe Fun

  • If you own a boat or enjoy the waters regularly, it is wise to invest in a boating safety class. This will ensure that you are familiar with current rules and laws that you are expected to follow. Additionally, you will be able to test your skills and enhance safety on the water.
  • Whenever boating with little tikes, it is important that you test their swimming skills before heading out on the traitorous waters. Nonetheless, these little ones should be supervised at all times and should always be wearing their personal flotation device.
  • Speaking of life jackets, just because adults are on board does not mean that they get a hall pass away from their personal flotation devices. Having life jackets on the boat is not enough to save a life, they must be worn.
  • Drinking and boating simply do not mix. Just because a boat seems easier to drive does not mean that you can ignore all laws and drink while boating. Keep the partying to a minimal until you dock. Not only can you get a DUI, but your negligence can make it harder to detect swimmers and skiers in your path on the water.

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