What Is Covered in A Car Break-In?

Breakins and Car Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

If your car is broken into and has multiple things stolen, be sure that you know your coverage.

When looking at an auto insurance policy, many people are distracted with the big risks such as collision coverage and liability coverage. While these are extremely important, it should be noted that, typically, only the broken windows, the stereo, the spare tire, and what is physically attached to the car are covered in the event of a car break in.

The loose items that can be stolen such as your GPS, phone, camera, and laptop can be covered by your homeowners policy. If these valuable items were to be taken when your car was broken into, they should be listed and protected through that policy.

If you are situated in what is considered an expensive area, there may be a high deductible in your policy. This means that your very expensive computer will not be covered if the value is lower than the deductible. If your items exceed the deductible, coverage will be enabled.

The best way to prevent a car break in is to never leave any valuable items in sight. If you can, store the items away before you get to your destination. If a thief sees you pack a laptop, tablet, computer, and camera into your trunk and walk away, there will be more motivation to break into your car.

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