Does Your Business Need Cyber Insurance

Does Your Business Need Cyber Insurance

Cyber security is a new threat that poses a risk to all businesses: from the largest corporations to the smallest of home-owned businesses. 

Why can’t everyone be honest and nice? It seems that people are always looking for new ways to betray their fellow man – the internet is no exception. The internet has become a place where, by merely trigger a few lines of code by clicking on a link or an ok button, your computer can relay the most classified of its information to another computer. How simple it has become to compromise your data and security. Do you know if your business needs cyber insurance?

Businesses at Risk

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Programmers
  • Software developers
  • Systems analysts and designers
  • Website developers
  • Any companies that rely on technology such as consultants, temporary workers, customer email, database management, cloud computing, internet storage, remote computer support, and computer networking.

What Does Cyber Insurance Cover?

The purpose of this tech insurance is to protect your business from the effects of financial and personal data theft. These threats can come from an outside hacker as well as an internal criminal or troublemaker/traitor.

  • Data breach – When hackers are able to breach your system and steal your customers’ private information.
  • Security breach – Coverage for any damages that are realized by your customers due to your company’s network breakdowns.
  • Data breach prevention – This covers possible third-party expenses for identification and prevention of breaches.
  • Cyber extortion – If someone takes your website, servers, and data hostage, this coverage will help cover the expense of paying these good for nothing extortionists.
  • Regulatory Expenses – If there are any state and federal breach notification laws that apply to your business, this coverage helps lower the costs that are associated with complying with these regulations.

We’re all connected through the internet which is an amazing thing most of the time. But when people take advantage of this great invention, it can lead to serious consequences. With the proper cyber security insurance, you can protect your business from these people. Contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill, California today.