Do Businesses Really Need Earthquake & Flood Insurance?

You have fought for your business since day one so it is a good idea to protect it from any and all dangers. 

You may already have a quality business insurance policy with a great premium and a pretty good deductible. Business policies protect against things like fire damage, theft, vandalism, et cetera. And while these are all fine things against which to be protected, your business still has two very real threats which pose a threat and would circumvent your business insurance policy leaving you without coverage. These threats are earthquakes and floods. Here are the reasons why your business really needs earthquake and flood insurance.

Commercial Property Is Void

In the same way that homeowners insurance won’t cover for flood or earthquake damage, commercial property won’t cover for either of those natural disasters. The only way you are covered for these disasters is to purchase the insurance policy that is equivalent with those names (i.e., flood insurance and earthquake insurance).

Earthquake Insurance

There are over 10,000 seismic events every year, luckily for us, the majority of these can only be detected with the most sensitive of seismometers. Earthquake damage is not covered under the general insurance policy, therefore earthquake insurance is a must–especially for all California-based companies.

Flood Insurance

Similarly, flood damage is not covered by commercial insurance. Flood insurance has your back should a flood ravage your business. It should be noted that flood insurance does not cover damage outside of your building. Things like landscaping, fences, signs, et cetera–that lie outside–are not covered.

The best way to protect yourself is by contacting Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill, California. As an independent insurance company, we are here to help with all of your earthquake insurance needs to ensure you have the coverage you deserve at all times.