Business Income Insurance

If you don’t currently have some form of business income insurance, you may want to acquire it. Business income insurance protects you against a loss of income resulting from a variety of unexpected events. While your property insurance might cover you against the physical damage caused by a fire, your business income insurance will cover your loss of revenue during this period of time.

Business income insurance is especially useful for industries such as food service. These industries require cash flow and liquidity to function, so just a matter of a few weeks without revenue can cause some serious problems. Business income insurance is also known as business interruption insurance, because it is essentially insuring you against the possibility that your revenue stream is interrupted.

Business income insurance is usually added on to a different policy, such as a property insurance policy, so you may already have some form of business income insurance and may not even realize it. You may wish to review your current policies with an agent to determine whether you need additional coverage.

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