Business Owners: Why you Need to Know About the Impact of Slander and Libel

As a business owner you have a thousand things to consider each day. At the bottom of that list may the negative impact your business can experience due to slander and libel. Think about it: you have one unhappy customer who demands a refund. She takes to social media to tell all of her friends — and the thousands of other people with access to the site — that you are the worst business ever. Worse yet, she calls you a crook.

With everything else you have going on, how do you go about protecting yourself? The proliferation of social media sites, home-grown websites, and video channels have made it easy for a vindictive former client to extort money from you. How much of your time do you wish to dedicate to defending the good name of your business? How long can your company survive with a decrease in profits due to one miserable customer?

While you surely appreciate the value of business insurance as it applies to slip and falls and flooded inventory, Lou Aggetta Insurance Services can make certain that your company has a policy designed to protect you from slander and libel. This new frontier of social media is not one you should travel alone.