California Fire Insurance Options

California Fire Insurance Plans

The state of California suffers from annual fires which can cause a great deal of destruction.

These fires can start at any time, anywhere and can often get out of control. Be sure to protect your home and belongings while you can.

Dwelling fire insurance protects a home against the perils specifically named in the policy. Many common causes of damage are usually listed as covered “named peril” in a dwelling fire policy. Some perils can include burglary, vandalism, fire, falling objects, broken pipes, injuries to others on and off property, and more. If damage is caused to a home by a peril that is not listed in the policy, the insurance will not cover the losses.

Additional coverage can include the contents, so that when you are not occupying your home, your personal belongings are protected; premises guest liability to protect you from lawsuits for slips and falls on your property; additional living expenses if the owner occupies the dwelling; and lost rent coverage if the dwelling is uninhabitable by a listed peril.

While the dwelling fire policy can replace homeowners insurance when you no longer live there and insures the personal property, such as appliances, that you left in the house. It is a lower priced policy but it doesn’t cover all situations and disasters that come with a homeowners policy, like identity theft.

If a dwelling fire insurance policy isn’t for you, you may be eligible for the FAIR Plan in California. This provides basic fire insurance coverage for residential and commercial structures. It is designed for homes that may be hard to repair, or can only attain restrictive coverage. The plan doesn’t often include items within the home, and you may need to prove that you have been declined by insurers. If you own a cottage in the woods, this plan may be suitable for you.

In order to fully protect your property, it is important to be able to recover it from a fire. To learn more about your fire insurance options, visit Lou Aggetta Insurance Services located in Pleasant Hill, California. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!