Can Auto Insurance Protect My Car from Vandalism and Parts Theft?

Your car is safely parked in the lot as you enter the grocery store. However, when you come out, you discover that your car has been broken into and the contents have been taken! Is auto insurance a good idea when it comes to preventing theft?

Depending on the circumstance and the kind of motor insurance you have, insurance may or may not cover theft. Theft and break-in repair charges are typically covered under comprehensive coverage. Since liability insurance often guards against property damage and bodily injury from an accident, it is unlikely that it will cover theft.

Car Insurance: Liability vs. Comprehensive

Several distinct types of auto insurance exist. The most fundamental concept, liability, is required in all states.

In the event of an accident, collision insurance assists with additional damages. Vehicle theft is not covered by collision or liability insurance.

You need comprehensive coverage if you seek insurance protecting against stolen vehicles. You can purchase a complete policy that covers you if your automobile is broken into, parts are stolen, or if the whole car is stolen. Comprehensive coverage is frequently combined with collision and other forms of coverage.

Other Insurance Policies that Could be Beneficial

Although comprehensive coverage typically includes auto theft, it only consists of the car and not any personal belongings left inside. You’ll need to submit a claim to your landlord or renters insurance company.

Most homeowner or renter insurance covers personal property theft, including goods taken from your car. To understand what is and isn’t covered by your policy, carefully review its terms and conditions.

Therefore, be ready to submit claims to two insurance companies—one for the automobile under your auto insurance and another for the personal property under your homeowners or renters insurance—for the items inside the vehicle.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Stolen Parts?

Comprehensive coverage protects all the permanent parts on the inside or outside of your car. But here’s the qualifier: Most car insurers will only cover standard parts or reimburse you for the value of the original factory part that came with the car, even if you have upgraded a stereo or added customized tires or rims. Aftermarket parts, which are parts or accessories that are not the original factory installed parts on the vehicle, typically won’t be covered unless you add an additional coverage option.

Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Yes, car insurance typically includes coverage for damage to your car due to vandalism. This coverage can help you recover costs for repairs or replacements related to vandalism.

Most policies also include coverage for theft of the car, which can help you get your vehicle back if it’s stolen. In some cases, you may also be able to file a claim for damage done to your property while the car was in the vandal’s possession.

The following are the steps you should take right away after the incident:

  • You must submit a police report to your car insurance provider. Therefore call the police to report the vandalism.
  • Make a list of all the harm done to your car, and take photos to show the devastation.
  • To file a claim, get in touch with your motor insurance company. The list of damages, images of the damages, and a list of any actions taken are all required.

Personal property theft—including items taken from your car—is sometimes covered under auto insurance policies. However, read the policy terms and conditions carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered.

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Knowing whether auto insurance protects your car from vandalism and parts theft is important. If you are looking to get the best car insurance for your automobile, then contact our team here at Lou Aggetta Insurance Inc. to explore your options.