Can I Use a Commercial Property to Live In?

During this difficult time, you may be wondering whether or not you can live in a commercial property to save on costs. Before you pack up and move in, it’s important to first realize if this is legal and safe.

If a live/work property is your goal, then it helps to understand what could be standing in your way. Generally, this is local zoning laws. Zoning is where the land is divided into sections and earmarked for a certain kind of development.

The most common zoning types include:


What’s more, each type has limits on what the property can be used for. For example, it’s unlikely you’d be allowed to turn your living room into a shopfront.

Just because you see a commercial listing that advertises an included apartment or living space doesn’t mean that space is legal. Before you buy, check with the local planning office to make sure all permits are in place.

If you get caught living in a commercial property, talk to a legal professional. In most cases, you will be fined and either be forced to remove the unit or legalize it by getting the correct permits. In the event there’s a fire or natural disaster, the living space would need a personal property policy as your commercial insurance would not include property for non-commercial purposes.

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