How Much Car Insurance Do You Need?

Your auto insurance is a collection of many parts working together to give you the best protection it can give you.

A cell is composed of many organelles that work in tandem to create what all of us would consider “life.” The mitochondria produce energy, the endoplasmic reticulum produces proteins and lipids, and proteins do everything from transport nutrients to replicate DNA. It’s a complex machine of non-living things that produce life. Likewise, an auto insurance policy is made of many different components that, together, make a quality auto insurance policy. Here is what you need to create a proper working auto insurance policy:

Liability Coverage: These policies help cover the expenses when you are found to be at fault of the accident. The money goes to the people you hit, but not the people in your car.

Property Damage Liability: This policy pays for damage that is done to the other car.

Bodily Injury Liability: This policy covers the medical bills of the people injured in a crash where you were at fault.

Personal Injury Protection: This covers you and your passengers’ medical expenses after an accident. If, for example, you were to miss work because of your injuries, certain policies may also cover lost wages.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Irresponsible drivers don’t carry auto insurance and if you’re hit by one of these people, this policy helps cover the damages.

Comprehensive Coverage: This policy covers accidents that are not the result of traffic collisions. If your car is stolen or damaged outside of an accident, this policy will cover those expenses.

You deserve an auto insurance policy that works together to bring you the best possible coverage you can afford. For more information about how we can slash the cost of your coverage, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Agency in Pleasant Hill, California today.