Safety First Mentality On The California Winter Roads

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Although our winters are not too harsh, we still experience a significant shift when the weather takes a turn. As you chaotically rush to complete all your daily errands without allowing the weather conditions to impact your drive and commute, it becomes increasingly more important that you keep these important tips in mind:

  • When the weather is poor, is seems that distractions on the road are at an ultimate high. As you try to swiftly navigate the wet and sometimes icy roads with your children in the car, it is wise to provide them with something to preoccupy them.
  • Speaking of distractions, poor weather conditions inherently equal accidents on the road. Therefore, you can expect both you and others on the road to be tempted to slow down and view the damage of an accident on the road. Rather than contributing to the traffic and less than favorable road conditions, simply do not allow the misfortunes of others to distract you.
  • Even if you left the house ten minutes late for work due to the weather conditions, it is important that you do not allow your breakfast to become a dangerous distraction. Many individuals enjoying their daily egg sandwich on the roads fail to realize how dangerous this act can be. Having your breakfast in hand prevents you from reacting to incidents on the road in a quick enough manner.
  • There is something about the end of daylight saving time that transforms people. Since it feels like we have less hours in a day because the sun sets much earlier, many individuals rush to their destinations to complete everything on their to-do-list in a timely fashion. Rather than creating a dangerous situation, simply slow down and have a safety first mentality.

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