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How to Handle the Aftermath of an Earthquake

What to Do After an Earthquake In the aftermath of an earthquake, it’s understandable to feel panicked and hopeless. Buildings may be damaged, people can be hurt, and services can be affected. While many earthquakes are scary themselves, people often forget about the dangers and must-dos once the ground has stopped shaking. These measures can Read More

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Do Businesses Really Need Earthquake & Flood Insurance?

You have fought for your business since day one so it is a good idea to protect it from any and all dangers.  You may already have a quality business insurance policy with a great premium and a pretty good deductible. Business policies protect against things like fire damage, theft, vandalism, et cetera. And while Read More

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Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Earthquakes can happen without warning, are you prepared to handle one?  Earthquakes occur when the massive plate tectonics just beneath the Earth’s surface slide against each other. While they may only move an average of centimeters at a time, with all of that mass, it releases a lot of energy which we feel as seismic Read More