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How to Get Health Insurance If You Are a Self-Employed Person?

Finding affordable healthcare as a self-employed individual is easier than you think. It’s critical to keep yourself insured no matter what side hustle, business venture, or entrepreneurial project you are engaged in. With the right strategy, you can ease the financial burden of medical expenses and protect your freedom to focus on the work that Read More

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How Can You Improve Your Mental Health by Exercise?

The concept that mental health is connected with physical health is not science fiction. Good exercise allows oxygen and blood to circulate throughout your body, whereas lack of exercise causes circulation problems. Here’s a deeper look at how your body and mind can benefit through exercises. How Physical Exercise Improves Your Mental Health When you Read More

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Instances When Your Health Insurance Benefits Are Taxable

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires virtually all American citizens to pay taxes on their taxable incomes. According to the Legal Information Institute, the consequences of failure to file taxes range from fines and other financial penalties, to jail term for tax evasion. Some of the individuals that may be exempt from paying income Read More

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What You Should Know about Disability Coverage

The need for disability insurance is influenced by several factors, which may make it look complicated. However, there are multiple positive reasons why you must have a disability insurance policy as a safety net in case you get ill or injured and are unable to earn income. Here is what you should know about disability Read More

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If I Have Health Insurance, Do I Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Do you need uninsured motorist coverage?   Car insurance is something that every motorist needs. While there are a number of different coverages, some are truly optional. One of these confusing coverages is uninsured motorist insurance or UM. Some motorists may wonder if purchasing uninsured motorist coverage is necessary if they already have a health Read More