Does Your College Student Need Insurance?

Essential types of insurance for college students.  

Parents: You’ve probably already stocked up on textbooks, electronics, and dorm room furniture for your college kid. However, you may be missing one important element that your college kid will need: insurance. You may be concerned for your child going off to college, and that is completely natural. One way to ensure that they remain safe and their possessions are protected is to secure insurance policies.

Renters Insurance

If your child is going to be living at an on-campus dorm, his or her possessions should still be covered under your family’s home insurance policy. Bear in mind that it’s important to notify your insurer about the changes and confirm the details. Some parents’ policies only cover student property up to a certain percentage of your household’s total coverage. If your child is taking a laptop, tablet, cell phone, mini fridge, TV, and bike, you might not be adequately insured. If your student opts to live off campus, he or she will need their own renters insurance policy to cover the contents of the apartment and any liability for friends who visit.

Car Insurance

If your kid is taking a car to school this fall, your insurance agent needs to know about it. If your child decides to leave the vehicle at home, you should also alert your insurance agent. You may want to keep the student on the policy so they have coverage when they come home to visit. If your child is attending college at least 100 miles away from home, the majority of the time, the rate will go down.

Umbrella Insurance

No one likes to think about what might go wrong when a child is away at school. Yet, college can be a dangerous place, from drinking alcohol to social media to fraternity pranks. Check your home insurance policy to see what/how much it covers in general liability. If any kind of lawsuit were filed against your child, you may need the added protection of an umbrella policy.

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