Coming Changes to the Health Arena in 2014

While there’s been a great deal of conversation regarding healthcare changes under the Affordable Care Act, you may be wondering how this new law will affect you and your family. Following are a few of the changes you will see in health insurance starting in 2014.

First, preventive care services will be available, free of charge, for a number of ailments. This change will hopefully lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment for a variety of ailments. Second, healthcare insurance will no longer be denied based upon pre-existing conditions. This is a huge change for the health insurance industry which has traditionally used these factors to minimize their risk and out-of-pocket expenses; this practice has, however, left countless Americans out in the cold where their healthcare is concerned.

Further, young adults can, under the Affordable Care Act, be covered on their parent’s policy up to age 26 unless they have obtained employment and have the opportunity to receive their own healthcare coverage. On the opposite end of the spectrum, seniors can also look forward to favorable changes in the Medicare plan, including closing the coverage gap for early retirees, slowing the rate of co-payment and co-insurance payment increases and minimizing the out-of-pocket costs associated with prescription drug coverage.

For a more detailed explanation of how the new law will affect your health insurance, or to assess your family’s needs, contact the professionals at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services; they will be happy to assist you.