Things to Do When Getting New Business Insurance

Securing insurance for your new business. Operating a business is a risky venture, as even some of the most seasoned entrepreneurs aren’t guaranteed success. There’s so much to think about when you’re running a business that it’s natural for business insurance to fall by the wayside. However, it’s important that you don’t let it! Valuable coverage for your business can protect it from financial disasters and damage. If you’re looking for business insurance for your new venture, here are a few … [Read more...]

3 Workplace Trends to Help Your Business Growth

Catch your business up on trends that are shaping the new workforce. The workplace isn’t what it used to be. Globalization, politics, technology, and cultural changes are changing not only what workers do, but also where they do it. When the times change, your business needs to change, too. Savvy employers who want to retain their top talent should adopt policies and redesign their workplaces to embrace the following trends. Flexible Work Schedule Gone are the days of 9 to 5. Employees … [Read more...]

Do Small Businesses Really Need Umbrella Insurance?

Determine if your small business would benefit from umbrella insurance. As a small business owner, you understand just how important it is to protect your company. While you may have the right insurance in place, you could be lacking one important policy: umbrella insurance. This coverage is mistakenly believed to be only for big businesses with lots of liability risk. In reality, almost every business has liability risk that could put them out of business and shut the company’s doors for … [Read more...]

Tips to Help You Deal with a Sexual Harassment Complaint

What business owners can do to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the workplace. It can take on the form of verbal or physical conduct. While the federal law prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace, business owners can’t always catch it in time before an incident occurs. When a complaint does arise, it’s important to handle it with care and caution. Many different ways to deal with sexual harassment exist, and the … [Read more...]

The Basics of Self-Employed Business Insurance

Why You Need Insurance – Even When Self-Employed Flexibility and freedom are just two of the advantages that go along with being your own boss. While being self-employed can give you a newfound sense of work enjoyment after leaving the corporate world, there are a few exposures that you should address in the form of insurance. If you’re planning to start your own business or launch a freelance career, here are a few insurance coverages you’ll need. Health Insurance One of the biggest … [Read more...]

Common Reasons Why Employees Sue (& How to Protect Your Business)

Safeguard Your Business Against Lawsuits Business owners can employ large workforces to small teams of people. However, if employees have felt that they have been wronged in any way, they usually take action against your company. In this litigious society, a business can never be too careful. As with most things in life, the best way to handle such a situation is to be prepared. More and more businesses are gaining coverage to protect their reputation, finances, and further damage from such … [Read more...]

What Small Businesses Should Know About Employee Fraud

What to look for and what to do about employee fraud.   Most business owners believe that they treat their team well and that no employee would dream of acting out against the company. Unfortunately, fraudulent activity can go on right underneath your nose and you don’t realize it until it is too late. From check tampering to petty theft, employee fraud can happen to any business – including your small company. While small businesses may not have the power to hire a full-fledged fraud … [Read more...]

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