Does Commercial Insurance Cover Floods?

Protect your business from flooding with insurance.  

As a business owner in California, you may not think about the possibility of filing a flood insurance claim. After all, the weather is pleasant year-round – mostly, anyway. Even so, it’s important for business owners to consider floods and be adequately prepared for them. After all, all it takes is one storm or one water source to overflow for your business to get flooded.

Many business owners are under the impression that their standard commercial insurance provides flood coverage. However, a standard business policy never covers flood waters. Standard policies exclude flood and earthquake damages because they are mass-destruction events. Water damage from something like a burst pipe, however, is going to be covered in your commercial policy. A flood policy offered from the National Flood Insurance Program can provide some coverage for your business, but a more comprehensive Difference in Condition policy can cover your business from flood, earthquake, landslides, and lava flow.

Keep in mind that a flood policy often takes 30 days to kick into effect, meaning that you cannot purchase a policy last minute when you see a storm approaching.

You need to take the time to make sure you know what your policy covers – and what it does not! From here, you and understand what extra coverage you may need. For reliable business insurance you can count on, should you ever need it in the event of an accident or disaster, contact us today. We serve Pleasant Hill and neighboring cities of California.