Computer Security & Personal Identity Protection

Computer Security and Personal Identity Protection

Improving Your Digital Security

Security is not a new concept. People have been barring the doors of their homes, storing their valuables in vaults, and hiring security forces to protect what matters most for centuries. There is, however, a new type of security we need to consider: cyber security. To help you protect your personal identity and improve your computer security, here are a few tips to use in the digital age.

  • Use different passwords for each login and make sure they are secure. Using different passwords ensures that if someone gets their hands on one of your passwords, every single one of your accounts are not compromised. Change your passwords every quarter and always use passwords that are at least 8 characters long and combine characters and symbols.
  • Even though email is being frequently used, a key aspect of personal identity protection is ensuring that any paper mail that contains information about your ID is shredded before it is disposed. This includes healthcare documents, bank statements, and insurance statements.
  • If you sell or donate electronics when you no longer need them, make sure they are thoroughly wiped of all of your information before you hand them over to another person.
  • Never send your personal information—especially your social security number—over email. Email accounts get hacked all the time! Instead, call the individual or organization and give your information over the phone.
  • Do not open attachments or links in emails that look suspicious and never navigate to a webpage or download a software you do not trust.

In order to fully protect yourself against the risks of the digital age, it is smart to carry cyber liability insurance. To learn more about this fairly new insurance product and how it can protect you, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance, Inc. Our expert staff serves businesses and families in Pleasant Hill and the surrounding California area and is ready to protect you against any risks you face in our modern era.