Condo HOA Insurance: What does it really cover?

Homeowner Associations, also called HOAs, get liability and hazard insurance coverage for specific areas of condominium projects. However, most homeowners are confused about what HOA insurance protects and what it does not cover.

HOA insurance typically covers common or shared areas, as well as exterior elements, such as the roofing of condominium units. HOA insurance rarely covers interior elements of units. If the complex has common amenities, such as a clubhouse and pool, HOA insurance usually covers these features:

Common Areas

The majority of HOA insurance policies cover losses homeowners may incur in common areas. Depending on the type of condominium complex, common areas may be limited to lobbies, or may extend to pools, bike trails, parks and tennis courts.


Homeowners must get condominium insurance coverage to protect interior elements such as walls, ceilings and floors, personal property and household goods. While HOA insurance generally covers homeowners for liability or hazard losses in common areas, it does not cover personal injury, negligence or hazard losses that occur inside the units.

Request a copy of your HOA master insurance policy and read it. Then purchase homeowner insurance that covers what the HOA master policy does not.

For more information on what is excluded from your HOA’s insurance policy, and what insurance you need to cover the gap, contact the experts at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services. We have been proudly providing quality insurance throughout California, Nevada and Arizona since 1981.