Customer Experience is a Strategic Differentiator in Claims

Customer experience has become a determining factor in all markets. For example, smart phone market share has become a hotly contested battle ground for a few of the biggest names in the industry. The one element that has “won the day” and lost it for one or two smart phone manufacturers is the availability of apps. Apps allow customers to access resources that help with everything from pulling their favorite games out of the cyber cloud to processing large-sum payments while in the field.

Customer Experience Influences in Insurance

The same principles apply to insurance companies. Recent increases in natural disasters and human-initiated catastrophes have prompted more acquisition of insurance. In the wake of increased demand for insurance, customers are chiming in on the experiences they are having in exchanges with insurance companies. As a note of observation, the insurance industry could be experiencing a “buyer’s market.” Increased consumer power makes strict client dealings more difficult for providers. Consumers will simply move on to “greener pastures” if they are not having favorable experiences with their providers.

Social Media Influences on Customer Experience

Customers have gained more power in recent years as they’ve leveraged the power of the sharing platforms of social media networks. One video post of a bad transaction with a client or a blog of a bad company experience can turn a good year into a marketing nightmare. Brokers do what they can to keep a clean “tab” in regard to online presence of the brokerage.

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