Cyber Bullying & Insurance: Are You Covered?

Cyber Bullying and Insurance

Understanding Where Your Insurance Extends Online

It is a sad truth of our digital age: cyber bullying is one of the most common forms of bullying today. In fact, it has been shown that one in ten students between grades 6 and 12 has been the victim of cyber bullying.

This type of bullying is becoming increasingly common because it is so easy for the perpetrator. Safely hidden behind their screen, people can say all the mean things they want without ever having to fear that their victim will fight back or stand up to them. Cyber bullying is just bullying without the repercussions, right?

Wrong! In fact, cyber bullying can land you in some very hot water legally. As more and more families fight back against cyber bullying, children and their parents can find themselves facing civil lawsuits for the things that were said online.

No worries, you may be thinking, knowing that your homeowners insurance contains liability coverage that could kick in to protect you in court. In fact, though, because the words written online were intentional, your homeowners insurance excludes coverage.

If you do not want to find yourself in the courtroom without any insurance to cover the expense, make sure your kids are not engaging in cyber bullying. Plus, you will be helping protect other students and making the world a kinder, better place!

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