What to Know About Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and Life Insurance

How depression and anxiety can impact your life insurance.


It’s not always easy to talk about mental illness in our society. Conditions like depression and anxiety are stigmatized and not very well understood. When you suffer from depression or anxiety, it’s all too tempting to avoid getting life insurance coverage. However, your family may depend on you, and life insurance can help them when you’re no longer around. Like any other health condition, depression and anxiety are looked at differently by life insurance companies.


What are depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety can vary significantly between people. Still, insurers need a standardized way of understanding these illnesses so that they can offer you the best plan. In general, they classify them as:

  • Depression – According to the CDC and a few common diagnostic tools, depression is a set of symptoms that are generally characterized by low mood. In order to be considered for clinical depression, you have to have met five or more criteria for at least a two week period, including sadness, disinterest in things that used to be pleasurable, changes in weight, changes in sleep, thoughts of death or suicide, hopelessness, and others.
  • Anxiety – The definition of anxiety as explained by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America is broad. In general, it is understood as a constant or frequent feeling of stress that is disproportionate to real threats.


Can you get life insurance with depression or anxiety?

Yes, it is possible to get life insurance with a mental health condition. Insurers will look at the overall state of your physical and mental health when deciding on your premium. In general, it is best to get life insurance while you’re young and healthy to lock in low rates.


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