Do Bed Bugs, Mice, And Other Pests Fall Under Renters Insurance Coverage?

Bed bugs, mice, rats, cockroaches, and other pest infestations are typically excluded from renters insurance policies. However, that doesn’t necessarily imply you have to cover the extermination fees out of your wallet. Bed bugs, mice, and other pests may occasionally be controlled by your landlord. Let’s take a look at when this can happen.

Is Bed Bug Infestations Covered By Renters Insurance?

Bed bug infestation or damage is not often covered by basic renters insurance policies. Therefore, you or your landlord are liable for paying the extermination fees if there is an infestation. This is subject to the laws in each state that determine who is in charge of bed bug extermination.

New York is one of the cities with ordinances for such scenarios in place. In some circumstances, your landlord can be compelled to cover the cost of extermination, primarily if bed bug infestations are present in numerous units in your building. However, if it turns out that your carelessness brought on the bed bugs, you can be held responsible for the damages.

Elimination of Bed Bugs from Your Home

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises the following measures in addition to hiring an exterminator to help get rid of bedbugs in your house:

  • Thoroughly vacuum the area, empty the vacuum cleaner bag or canister, seal it up, and discard the contents in an outdoor container.
  • Make sure the bedding doesn’t touch the floor, move your bed away from the wall.
  • Eliminate debris and patch wall cracks to make it harder for bugs to hide.
  • Invest in a bedbug-resistant cover for your mattress and box spring.
  • Seal cracks around baseboards, electrical outlets, and other areas where insects could enter with caulk.

Why Are Bed Bugs Not Covered?

You can stop a bed bug infestation from forming by using caution when traveling. Bed bug infestations develop gradually, and you’ll likely become aware of them before any harm is done. You might need to throw away delicate items like your mattress or pillows to eliminate the bugs.

Your landlord could charge you for the clean-up if you brought bed bugs into the property. However, if you can prove that the bed bugs were in the apartment before you came in or if other flats in your building are also affected with no apparent cause of the infestation, elimination will be your landlord’s duty.

Are Infestations with Mice and Rats Covered by Renters Insurance?

Rodent infestation also will also not be covered by your renters insurance policy. So, notify your landlord as soon as you notice pests so they can send out an exterminator before the issue becomes worse. The presence of rat droppings and sounds inside your home’s walls are indicators of an infestation.

You have the right to compensation from your landlord if they fail to deal with the infestation promptly and your personal property is harmed as a result.

Are Cockroaches and Termites Covered by Renters Insurance?

Termites and cockroaches are not covered by renters insurance, but if your landlord is to blame for the infestation, they may be responsible for paying the restorative charges.

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