Do I Really Need Off-Road Vehicle Insurance in California?

What could be a better way to relax than a leisurely trip in a golf cart, a mud-splattering ride on a dirt bike, or a snow-spraying snowmobile? These pursuits are important and help us to relax and serve as a reminder that there is more to life than work. Accidents are never something anyone wants to happen, especially while having some much-needed pleasure, but they do.

People can get hurt, and your off-road vehicle can be completely destroyed. Your fun is ruined, and you now have to deal with further issues like paying for all the damage, medical expenses, and potential legal action taken against you in case you were at fault for the accident.

Off-road vehicle insurance can help you in all these circumstances while keeping your off-road vehicles protected. Read on to learn more about it.

Off-Road Vehicle Coverage

Collision coverage: You are protected in case you collide with another off-road vehicle, a parked automobile, or a ditch. Your motorcycle track day insurance may also cover scratches, dents, and scrapes.

Comprehensive coverage: You will be protected if your off-road vehicle is stolen, vandalized, or destroyed by a fire or animals.

Liability coverage: Like other types of property insurance, you are protected if an accident caused by your vehicle results in injury or property damage.

What Types of Off-road Vehicles Are Covered?

Following are the types of off-road vehicles covered by the same insurance:

  • 3, 4, or 6-wheel ATVs
  • Golf carts
  • Dune buggies
  • Dirt bikes
  • Snowmobiles

If you own various “vehicles,” you should have a comprehensive insurance plan. For example, injuries that occur on a dirt bike are different from those that can appear on a golf cart. Discuss with your insurance agent which type of insurance policy you should opt for if you have different vehicles.

Consider the following choices if you want coverage for your off-road vehicle that goes beyond the necessities:

  • Coverage for medical bills
  • Coverage for safety gear
  • Coverage for Equipment protection
  • Coverage for transport trailers
  • Coverage for aftermarket parts

The higher the quality of your insurance, the sooner you can resume your favorite off-road recreational activity. Of course, everyone wants to avoid accidents, but if one does occur, make sure you are protected.

Protect Yourself Completely with Extra Coverage

We can customize each of our policies to meet your off-road requirements by:

  • Higher liability limitations
  • Coverage for towable trailers and sleds
  • Coverage for transport trailers
  • Optional Equipment

Bottom Line:

Checking your local laws for proof of liability insurance for your off-road vehicle is a brilliant idea. You may choose an off-road policy that works better for you, even if your location does not require insurance. Then, when you’re exploring the trails or going on a golf day, you’ll be sure you have a safety net in place.

Protect Your Off-Road Vehicle With the Help of Aggetta Insurance Inc.

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