Driving in Summer Heat: How to Stay Cool on the Roads

Summer driving tips to stay cool this season.  

The sun is shining and summer is here! There’s nothing ahead but miles and miles of enjoyment. Even though you may love being behind the wheel on a nice warm day, trouble can occur when the temperatures increase. To help keep you on the go, check out these tips to handle the heat of the season while behind the wheel.

Before you hit the road when it’s hot outside:

  • Check your cooling system (or have a professional do it). Make sure you have enough coolant in the tank. If you haven’t had the system checked in a while, consider having your system flushed and refilled.
  • Inspect your tires, looking for signs of excessive wear and tear, cracks, and any nails in the tread.
  • Top of your tires to the correct psi.
  • Test your air conditioning. You don’t want your A/C to fail during a warm-weather drive, so have a mechanic take a look if it’s not operating at full-blast.
  • Stock up your emergency supply kit, complete with water, non-perishable food, flashlight, a first aid kit, and any other essential supplies.

On the road:

  • Remember that it gets hot inside. When it’s 90 degrees outside, it can take just 10 minutes for a car’s interior to hit 110 or higher. Never leave children or pets inside the parked car (even if it’s in the shade) when it is warm outside.
  • It is typically warmer in the back seat and cargo areas of SUVs and minivans, so make sure passengers, pets, and children are getting some fresh air.
  • Keep your gas tank full or close to it. Hot weather can sometimes bring power outages, which could prevent you from filling up when you really need it.

Regular car maintenance can help keep you on the road instead of stalled on the side of it. Fortunately, if you do end up stranded over the summer, you may be able to rely on your roadside assistance coverage in your auto insurance policy. To discuss adding this to your policy, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill, CA to get started.