Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Earthquakes can happen without warning, are you prepared to handle one? 

Earthquakes occur when the massive plate tectonics just beneath the Earth’s surface slide against each other. While they may only move an average of centimeters at a time, with all of that mass, it releases a lot of energy which we feel as seismic activity.

Earthquakes can occur anywhere and can occur without warning, with the majority of them happening along the faults (where tectonic plates meet).  Be prepared for any earthquake with these earthquake preparedness tips that should serve you well, especially if you live anywhere near a fault line–like around the west coast.

Earthquake Preparedness Tips

  • Remove all objects from above your bed. If you have any shelves or heavy objects above your bed, you need to remove them immediately. Any shaking of the earth can cause them to fall and land right on you; a head injury is the last thing you need during an earthquake.
  • Have your emergency kit ready. Your emergency kit should include: a first-aid kit, radio, batteries, flashlight, can opener, blankets, and water and food supplies for each member of your family for 3 days–including any pets you may have!

How to Handle an Earthquake

  • If you’re outside . . . If you happen to be outside during an earthquake, drop to all fours and walk away from any tall structures that can fall on you.
  • If you’re inside . . . Again, drop to all fours and crawl to the nearest table and cover your head and back of your neck. Grab on to one of the table’s legs to prevent it from moving out from over you.

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