Keep your Family Safe with These Earthquake Safety Tips

Keep your Family Safe with These Earthquake Safety TipsLiving in California comes with the danger of experiencing an earthquake. While there is no way that you can prevent or predict an earthquake, there are many steps that you can take to ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared and safe. Keep these earthquake preparedness tips in mind to ensure that you are ready in case of an earthquake.

  • Hire a professional to repair any leaky gas lines, defective electrical wiring, and any problematic utility connections. Never try to handle gas or electrical lines by yourself.
  • Using bolts, secure the wall studs of your furnace, refrigerator, water heater, and any other gas appliances. Also consider installing an automatic gas shut off valve that can be triggered by strong vibrations.
  • Place heavy objects, such as glass baking dishes, on the lower shelves in your kitchen.
  • Install brackets to fasten large picture frames, mirrors, and shelves to the walls around your home.
  • Store all breakable items, such as chine, glass, and bottled foods on low shelves. You can also store them in cabinets that fasten shut.
  • Anchor all overhead lighting fixtures to the ceiling in your home.
  • Make sure that the structure of your home is firmly anchored to the foundation.
  • Install flexible pipe fittings on all of your water and gas lines. The flexible fittings are more resistant to breaking, helping to avoid gas and water leaks in case of an earthquake.
  • Make sure everyone in the home knows where safe spots are in each room. These can include under a table or against an inside wall of your home.
  • Regularly run through earthquake drills with your family to ensure that they know what to do in case of an earthquake.

Most importantly, make sure that you have the proper earthquake insurance policy to provide the protection needed in an earthquake. Contact the insurance experts at Lou Aggetta Insurance in Pleasant Hill, California for all of your earthquake insurance needs throughout California.