Eleven Basic Ladder Tips To Keep You Safe While Using Your Ladder This Holiday Season

The seasons are changing and it’s time to do a little fall maintenance before you begin preparing your home for the holiday festivities.   You’ll be using your ladder for many things such as cleaning your gutters, getting your holiday decorations out of the storage and hanging your holiday lights, etc.  Here are some helpful tips that will teach you some basic ladder safety.

  • Always wear slip resistant shoes that have heals
  • Make sure the bottom of both your shoes are clean and dry
  • Use a towline or pulley system to transport your tools
  • Climb the ladder slowly, concentrate on your ascent and don’t make any sudden movements
  • Never overreach or lean off the ladder
  • Don’t use a ladder when there are high winds or during a storm
  • Inspect your ladder before every use and never use a ladder that has loose or missing parts
  • Never place your ladder in front of a closed door that could open knocking you off the ladder
  • Always use a ladder that’s the proper height for the job and never stand on the top rung
  • The Duty Rating must be higher than the weight of the person and the tools combined
  • Your ladder should always be set on a firm surface and properly secured before using

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