Emergency Planning for Small Businesses

How to prepare your business for a disaster.  

Small businesses, naturally, are more vulnerable than large businesses in the event of a disaster or unforeseen emergency. This is not necessarily because more accidents occur in the small business workplace, but because the business is often caught off guard and has not invested in planning for disasters. Planning for the unexpected is a smart business strategy. Here’s how to get started.

Identify a planning team. Create a committee of dedicated staff who understand the business from a variety of angles. They should think through all of the logical challenges that come with running a business. They should also fully understand the computer network, phone system, product inventory, customer expectations, and more to develop a solid plan.

Undertake a risk assessment. How can you know what to plan and protect if you don’t understand your risks? Discuss with the team how your business should respond to different disasters. For example, a flood or fire requires a very different response than dealing with an armed thief. Think through a variety of different ‘what if’ situations so that you identify smart emergency plans.

Think of prevention. Although planning for an emergency is a necessity, also look for ways to prevent the possibility of it happening in the first place. Take the time to train employees in workplace safety procedures, adhere to local and state laws, and invest in a strong security system to deter criminal activity.

Develop a communication plan. Identify who will alert employees, clients, and vendors if there is an emergency and the business needs to close. Have a written plan for the next steps to follow. Now is the time to develop an emergency response procedure so that your team knows how to respond. Practice these emergency drills to iron out any wrinkles in the plan before an accident should happen. Be sure to include weather, and local hazards such as forest fires, earthquakes, and tsunamis as well as social incidents like epidemics, workplace violence, social unrest and terrorism.

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