What to do When an Employee is Injured at Work

Here’s how to address an employee injury.  

Employees have responsibilities when one of their staff members is injured in an accident at work. Regardless of the accident specifics or severity of injury, all employers should understand what to do if the worst happens and a staff member has an accident in the workplace. Here are some key steps to handle the situation.

Seek medical assistance. Getting immediate medical help is always the first and most important step to ensuring your employee’s safety and protecting yourself. Call 911 if the injury is life-threatening or requires emergency medical attention. Even if it was a minor slip and fall and he or she appears to be fine, it is best to get medical attention immediately.

Gather the facts. In order to clarify disputes about the accident, it’s essential that you gather the facts about the injury right away. Take pictures of the scene, make note of the time, date, and eyewitness accounts. If possible, review video footage.

Complete the employer’s report of the accident. The employer is responsible for completing the Employer’s Report of Accident form to cover all bases and tell your side, especially if there is any doubt about the validity of the employee’s claim. Your insurance agent will assist you in filing a claim and answering any questions you may have. Once the claim has been filed, you may want to contact the medical provider to find out about work restrictions, as well as inform both the employee and doctor about temporary or light-duty work during recovery.

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