Your Business Needs Employment Practice Liability Insurance!

If you’re not carrying employment practices liability insurance for your Pleasant Hill, CA business, you could face a disastrous lawsuit. 

You know that you need to be careful as an employer. In our litigious society, you have taken extra steps to follow protocol relating to the treatment of employees. You grant them legally required leave. You carry the necessary insurance. You make sure everything—from benefits to termination—is documented in writing.

Even so, though, you could still find a lawsuit brought against you by one of your current or past employees. If you do face this challenge, would your business be able to survive it?

You can confidently answer that question “yes” if you have employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) coverage. This type of business insurance policy is designed to protect employers against the cost of their staff’s claims that they have somehow violated employee rights.

Your EPLI policy can get involved when you face a variety of legal issues, including wrongful termination, wrongful discipline, mismanagement of employee benefits, discrimination, sexual harassment, and more.

You may think that you would never face any of these types of lawsuits. After all, you have a great team and they all seem to be very happy at their jobs! Unfortunately, all too many business owners have assumed they’re safe, only to later face major legal issues. With an employment practices liability insurance policy, you never have to worry that an unreasonably upset employee could spell disaster for your business.

Although it’s not a pleasant possibility to consider, you do need to think about how you would respond to a lawsuit brought against you by an employee. Fortunately, your employment practices liability insurance can make sure you’re financially prepared for this scenario. To learn more about how your business could be served by this commercial insurance policy, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill, California today.