Consider Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Your Pleasant Hill, CA Business

Equipment Breakdown Pleasant Hill, CA

Protect your equipment with equipment breakdown insurance.

Humans are known for taking most of what we have for granted. Breathing, walking, shelter, indoor plumbing, you name it. This is true when it comes to equipment; we expect it to work any time of day and expect it to work at full capacity. When equipment comes to a stop, we do too and, as a result, so does our business. It’s best to be insured for your equipment if such things were to happen to your business so you can keep everything running smoothly.

What equipment breakdown insurance covers.

This type of insurance covers things like breakdowns caused by motor burnouts, power surges, operator error, and boiler malfunctions. It also covers many types of equipment, including brand new technology. Your equipment breakdown policy can protect you from:

  • Costs associated with the labor in replacing or repairing the equipment.
  • Costs to replace spoiled stock and/or materials.
  • Income loss when covered equipment fails and causes your business to temporarily, or permanently, close.
  • Cost to replace the damaged equipment.
  • Other expenses to speed up the fix time of equipment.
  • Off-site equipment breakdowns.

How much should you acquire?

It’s always to look beyond the price tag of your equipment. There may be things that happen to your equipment that go beyond a simple replacement (e.g. needing to install it). If you’re thinking you don’t need this insurance because it’s a little pricey, you’re not thinking big picture. The premium for equipment breakdown insurance is minuscule compared to the potential thousands of dollars in repairs you could face in the near future!

To sit down or get on the phone with an insurance expert who can make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting when you carry equipment breakdown insurance, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services. We can help you protect your business and its equipment in Pleasant Hill and the surrounding California area.