What You Should Know About Fallen Trees and Insurance

What You Should Know About Fallen Trees and InsuranceIf a tree collapses on your property, who is going to pay for the removal?

The turn of good weather is finally here! However, warmer weather usually means the arrival of thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and high-speed winds. With spring officially coming on March 20, it’s time to review what your insurance will cover in case the storms are strong; with climate change as a prevailing threat, reviewing your insurance with your agent is not a bad idea. Remember, if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, the damages are still very real—regardless of the sound it makes (and, yes, it does make a sound).

1. If there’s no damage, your insurance will not cover it.

If a tree falls and it causes no damage to the insured structures, the costs of removing it falls onto you.

2. If there is damage, your insurance is likely to cover you.

Your insurance will definitely pay for the costs of your insured structures. Whether or not they’ll actually remove the tree might depend on your individual policy. Some policies do remove the entire tree, they just chop it up and expect you to remove the pieces.

3. You may be covered in case a tree falls from your neighbor’s property.

Depending on the circumstances, your insurance carrier may attempt to recover some of the costs, including your deductible, from that of your neighbor’s insurance. Your case is strong when your neighbor was negligent about caring for the tree before it fell.

4. Car insurance may also be at play here.

If the tree falls on your car, it’s your auto insurance that will cover your costs, not your home insurance! The tree doesn’t even have to be part of your property for it to be covered by your auto insurance. The cost of removing said tree from your car falls onto you.

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