How to Find a Reliable Contractor After a Loss

Securing a contractor after an insured loss.

If your home has recently been damaged after a covered loss, you may well already be on the path to finding a contractor who can clean up the damage and repair your property. If there has been a recent storm or disaster in your area, you may find that contractors are knocking on your door offering their services. While this seems easy and convenient to hire someone on the spot, you should make sure that you are hiring the right team for the job. Here are a few ways to find a reliable contractor to do just that.

Contact your insurance company

If you are filing a claim for the property damage because it was caused by a covered peril, they may be able to advise you on local contractors. The insurer will send out an adjuster to assess the damage and make an estimate of the damage and repair costs of your property. By having this estimate, you will be able to have a negotiation tool when a contractor approaches you with their estimate.

Read the small print and get your insurance company approval first

When you’re hiring a contractor for the insurance claim, you need to be speaking to your insurance adjuster because you may not have the authority to approve repairs in an insurance claim. It’s only when the insurance company approves repairs that it gets paid. You can ask your adjuster if they can speak to your contractor to discuss the estimates before anything is agreed upon.

Watch out for red flags

Keep in mind these contractor red flags:

  • They have lousy reviews or outdated references
  • They are slow to respond
  • They ask for too much money upfront
  • They seem impatient to get the job done quickly
  • They cannot provide proof of insurance and also list you as an additional insured

These tips will help you to find the right contractor for the job. Your homeowners insurance is designed to safeguard your property and wallet when they need the most protection. Contact the team Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill to get started on your tailored policy.