Protect Your House With Cooking Fire Prevention & Home Insurance

Fire and Home Insurance Pleasant Hill CAUse these devices and homeowners insurance for cooking fire prevention!

What would you guess is the leading cause of residential fires? Most of us would say something for which the homeowner is not at fault but, in fact, the top cause of home fires between 2007 and 2011 was unattended cooking equipment. In other words, you can significantly reduce your risk for a home fire by taking steps to prevent cooking-related flame outbreaks.

Ideally, you would be able to remember to never leave cooking equipment unattended, but accidents do happen. Make sure a moment of forgetfulness doesn’t lead to a home fire by installing one of these prevention devices.

  • CookStop: This fire prevention system monitors your kitchen for signs of movement. If a stove is left burning while there is no movement near it for an extended period of time, it automatically shuts off the stove. You can program it to allow for a longer cooking time if you have something simmering and plan to sit in the kitchen, unmoving, while it cooks.
  • RangeMinder: This device will alter you of dangerous cooking situations—including your range being left unattended—based on your range type and your specific cooking conditions. It’s compatible with gas and electric ranges.
  • HomeSenser: This little device will attach to your stove and notify you if you’ve left it unattended by sounding alerts and flashing lights. If unable to catch your attention, it will disconnect power to the stove.

Despite all of your careful efforts, some home fires are just beyond your control. If a blaze does break out in your home in Pleasant Hill or one of the neighboring California cities, would you be able to rise from the ashes with your home insurance policy? To get the coverage you need so you quality of life never goes up in smoke, contact Lou Aggetta insurance Services.