Fire Safety Maintenance for Your Home

There are certain times of the year that you need to pay particular attention to the outside of your home for fire hazards.  With the current drought in California, taking steps to get rid of hazards around your house can help in the preventing the spread of fire. Here are some things to clear around your home. 

  1. Overgrown trees.  If trees are overgrown, trimming them away from your house can help in leaves not dropping in your gutters, collecting on your roof and around the base of your home.   
  2. Brush.  Clear the brush that has collected in your yard over the seasons.  Brush can catch fire quickly and spread rapidly.
  3. Eliminate bushes up against house.  This can help keep any fire at a bit of a distance.
  4. Dead leaves in gutters.  Keeping your gutters clean can help prevent a fire from spreading to your roof easier. 

Fire maintenance is a must during a drought. At Lou Aggetta Insurance, we want to keep you safe.  We serve the Pleasant Hill California, area so contact us to get a quote so we can help you protect your home.